Advancing Podcasting Community-Style

Wanna help me and other like-minded podcasters make podcasting better? There's a new community for that, and you're invited!

Advancing Podcasting Community-Style

It's the end of the first week of my summer/season break from recording Podcast Pontifications, and the transition is... weird. As I said on Twitter the first day:

But as you know, my break isn't a vacation. Well, not a complete vacation. I'm busy in the background making some changes for Season 4 (mid-July 2021) of Podcast Pontifications and putting in place some new concepts I've been noodling on for months. Like...

Advancing Podcasting Returns

A couple years ago, I had a half-baked notion of some sort of coalition between podcasters and podcasting service providers who wanted to make podcasting better. I think I dreamed it would be some sort of special interest group that would rally disparate members rallying under a common cause for the betterment of our industry. I called it the "Advancing Podcasting Party". It was going to be monumental.

But did I mentioned half-baked?

So in actuality, it went nowhere.

Until now, that is! Now, the idea of Advancing Podcasting is 3/4 baked, with an actual place to start building the coalition right now, amongst all listeners/readers/watchers of Podcast Pontifications.

You, as a PPIYI subscriber, are invited to join the Advancing Podcasting community.

It's currently populated with the people who've chosen to support me with a virtual coffee, but I want you to join the conversations as well.

Thus far, it's very low-volume. So even if you have anxiety (like I had anxiety) at the thought of joining a Discord server due to a prior bad (overwhelming?) experience, I think you'll find this community quite different.

Beyond Podcast Pontifications People

I've already been asked why I didn't make the community specific to just Podcast Pontifications. And the simple answer is that I'm embracing a multi-channel approach. A lot of people reading this newsletter never listen to the podcast. And that's cool with me. A lot of people who follow me on Twitter never listen to the podcast and never read this newsletter. That's also OK.

So I fully expect that, when I open the community to the larger world in a few weeks, that there will be community members joining who have no idea who the hell I am. And again, I am very OK with this. Contrary to my (well-earned) reputation, it's not all about me.

My goal is to advance podcasting in as many ways as I can. I care very little for marketing funnels, hub-and-spoke approaches, or other tired efforts. I'm about meeting podcasters who care about podcasting where they are. This community is one more space like that.

So come join us!

Evo Terra invited you to join Advancing Podcasting

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