Delay Due To Pesky Time Zone Conversions

When attending virtual podcast conferences, don't forget to check to make sure you’ve got the time zone correct. Because if you don’t, live events will impact the release of your show. Like… this show.

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I’ve been telling you for weeks that I’ve blocked off the entire week to attend Podcast Movement ‘21, even though I’m not attending in person. I’ll be watching from my living room, probably attending many more sessions than I’ve ever done at a conference in person.

I thought, incorrectly, that I’d still have time to do my early morning Podcast Pontifications stuff. When I looked at the times in the app, it showed 9 or later start times. Which would mean I’d have to go fast, but I could get it all done.

Heh. Well… no. Because 9:00a Nashville is 7:00a Phoenix time. That’s a time that should be quite familiar to those who watch the live recordings of Podcast Pontifications, as that’s when they happen.

Bah. So that means I can’t do both. And as much as I don’t want to disappoint you, I want to stay true to my word and give my full attention to the conference as originally planned.

So please excuse my absence today and tomorrow as I attend Podcast Movement ‘21. You may be still able to get a virtual pass if you want to attend alongside me.

I shall be back next Monday for yet another Podcast Pontifications.


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