Something new from Evo: The End

I've been working on a little project for a while, and it's time to let you know about it. Yes, it's podcasting. But a different side of podcasting that I'm trying to make better.

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What? A Podcast Pontifications article on the weekend? Well... no, that's not what this is at all. So my apologies if I've thrown off your schedule.

I'm breaking into your weekend to let you know about a podcasting project I've been working on for the last few weeks. You know my love for podcasters who go niche, and this might be one of the niche-ier things I've done!

The tl;dr version is this: I've started a new newsletter that shines a light back on fiction podcasts when they've reached the end of the series or the end of a season. It's called, rather on-the-nosey of me, The End. And I'm asking you to subscribe.

If you only know my work from Podcast Pontifications, you may not know of my connections to the world of fiction podcasting. Fiction is what got me into podcasting all the way back in 2004. Since that time, the world of fiction podcasting has grown up. Tens of thousands of fiction podcasts are available, and a slew of talented writers, narrators, actors, musicians, and audio engineers are pouring their hearts and souls into making productions that are worthy of more attention.

If you think podcasting is hard, then I'm here to tell you that fiction podcasting is even harder. Not just harder to make, but harder for people to discover.

I'm doing what I can to help that discoverability piece with The End. Each week, I feature four completed fiction podcasts that I personally highly recommend. I've listened to every episode of these shows and am putting the Evo Terra Seal of Approval on them. They sound great. They deliver a great listener experience. And any of them is a great show to listen to from start to finish, even if you've not yet been a consumer of fiction podcasts.

But I'm not stopping at just four recommendations. Each issue also lists some fiction podcasts that have recently reached the end of a season or the series. Like the featured shows, you can follow any of them on your podcast app of choice, downloading every single episode if you like for a long flight, car ride, or to get you through your daily grind.

And finally, at least for right now, I also share with you a list of fiction podcasts that had previously reached the conclusion of a season that will be starting up again their next season in the coming weeks! So you'll have time to slam-out the prior episodes so you're caught up when the show starts again.

I'll repeat my ask: Please subscribe to The End. It's free, and people have had very good things to say about the first seven episodes. If you read fiction books, watch fiction television, or go see fiction movies, you really should be listening to some great fiction podcasts. And The End is a great resource for you when you need your next fix.

Issues come out every Thursday afternoon, and I've plenty of great shows to let you know about. Plus I'm collaborating with some great providers to come up with even more great things to share from the world of audiodramas and fiction podcasts. It's fun!

(And if fiction isn't your jam but you know someone who might love The End, please send them that way!)

Thanks for your attention and for letting me interrupt your weekend. A new Podcast Pontifications will come out next week.